1st papeR

pic tunggang terbalik sbb mls nk betoikan…abaikan…juz nk tnjuk tuh le rupe bentuk ketas soklan yg saye kn jwb smlm…utk lebey detail meh nk wat description sal ketas tuh..ishk….

course:- Strategic Information System For Information Professional

Course code:- IMS 652

date:- 21 April 2009

Time:- 3 hour (2.15pm-5.15pm)


meh nk kasik soklan skali….cam bese de 3 parts..A, B n C..Part C kn pilih 3 soklan dri 5…esei tuh…

PART A (define)

a) Information Professionals

b) Learning organization

c) IT strategy

d) Critical Success Factor

e) Startegic Information System


1) write and group UITM mission statement into: value, purpose and visionary goal.

2) briefly explain how to evaluate a value of technologies for an organization

3) briefly elaborate 4 benefits of strategic information system planning

4) list 4 analytical tools used in accessing current info. system

5) briefly explain what is business process re-engineering(BPR) and give 2 reasons why organizations undertake this exercise.


1) discuss how UITM manages their resources effectively and efficiently in achieving the goals and objectives. (hint: management activity including planning and decision making, organizing, leading and controlling)

2) explain how the understanding of environmental scanning below that will determine the right strategic formulation:

a) Internal Organization Analysis

b) Analysis Firm Industry

c) External Macro Environment

3) discuss 2 organization advantages in committing strategic information system planning(SISP) and 2 risks that might be associated with not undertaking a SISP exercise.

4) state the business system planning objectives and discuss how to perform it in the organization

5)Information communication technology(ICT) infrastructure is important to UITM students. identify the current ICT issues and give your opinion on how to improve it in ICT planning..

soklan PART C neh saye jwb soklan no 2, 3 n 4…hentam sudaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

da abesh exam tuh, saye wif niken n ifa p mam kat kandang..kire brunchner le….huhuhuhu…

ni pic saye wif cik ifa..mekaseh ye utk sgle pertolongan utk subject neh… 🙂

off entry

tinggal lagi 2 paper…11 ari terakhir kat UITm..lalalala


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