breakfast + lunch saye ari neh adelah ngan :-

hOney deW puDdIng

hOney deW puDdIng

sape bagi???

IFFA yg bagi..thanx ya..bangun2 tdo terus dapat adiah pudding neh..beshhh





before mam pudding tuh cam bese la saye akn mam alpha lipid n garlic lu..rutin tuh.. 🙂

wherez my cyg..tdo lagi kew ni??mish him sgt2..pgi tdi saye xleh tdo..erm…

“close ur eyes n think of me, i be always by ur side baby”…

thanx cyg..luv u..


~ by afdsmkad on February 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “makan2”

  1. uikss glamer jap puding tu…

  2. nth le pudding sape bg 😉

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