luplY kazEn~

Cousin, cousin, cousin, of mine.
You really, really, are so kind.
Though your troubles seem more than a few, you would never know it by talking with you.
Your high-spirited ways always amaze,
because you bring sunlight to cloudy days.
You seem so upbeat, and that’s a great treat,
for all the people that you meet.
You like to help others when you can
and people like you are how hope and charity began.
You are so spiritual and so true , it’s easy to see that God is with you.
Good-hearted people like you are a rare find
and that’s why I’m glad you are a cousin of mine.

mish u my dearest kazen..hikhik..tgk punye i syg kat u siap wat entry spesel u jgn jeles2 ngan mr.faris da…i syg u lebey la..lalalala

ari tuh bukan tanak jumpe..x sempat…jgn dk cakap i slalu nk jumpe abg u je..ngan u pon kalo bley i nk jumpe..


~ by afdsmkad on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “luplY kazEn~”

  1. wahhhh….. i sygggggg u lebih gaklaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… mwahhhmwahhhmwahhhhh

  2. ngahaahaha…jpa sem depn sepruhnye bg kt i..ckp syg i lebey 🙂

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