dE oRg tAg sAyEr!!

what’s on your mind rite now?
~nAk tItOw
what are you doing rite now?
~jAwAb tAg nI
what did you do today?
~g kAnDaNg n sUbMiT mY rEsEaRch
do you think you are attractive?
do you watch disney channel?
~nOpE..jUz tShIrT dIsNey 🙂
are you jealous of someone rite now?
~yEzZa..kAt mY cAyuNk cOz dIeR dApAt tItOw nGaN lEnA..hUh!!
do you bite your nails?
~oPsS..mY bAD hABiTz
what is your mood rite now?
~ sLeEpY
do you want to see someone rite now?
~ mY uMi
~mY aBaH
~mY dEaR hAfIzUl
do you have a deep dark secret?
are you loyal?
~eRx..dUn’ lIkE dIz QuEsTiOn..i think i’m not 🙂
do you like someone?
~eRm..mY cAyUnK
does anyone like you?
~nTaH..x aMik tAU
what do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
~ bIaRlaH rAhsIa..
what songs do you sing in the shower?
~mAcAm2..tApI yG sElALuNye “BaD dAY”
what talent do you wish to have?
~ tAlEnT wAT cAtaLoGiNg
how long do you spend in bathroom?
~ lEsS tHan 15 mInUtEz
are looks important?
~ sUmTyMeZ
what is your ringtone on your phone?
~ 1) Rahsia Hati – 4 mY cAyUnK
~2)Thank you – 4 mY fAmilY
~3)I’m back
green apples or red apples?
~ green!
are you scared of commitment?
~ depeNds lA
stuff you love?
~ sUme bEnDa kEpUnyAaN sAye
what body spray you wear?
~rAlPh lAurEn
~cArOlInA hErRerA
~sUmMeR mAniA
~nUmErO uNo
do you wear make up?
~ yEz..eSpEcIaLlY eYeLiNeR..
choice of place for honeymoon?
~ mAnE2 jE (lAm bIlIk sUdAaa :))
ideal man of your life?

~ by afdsmkad on October 31, 2008.

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