you are the only think that fills my mind.
your the one that gets me lost in my thoughts.
but for some reason those thoughts have become to where im realy wondering.
sometimes i think you are using me.
when youre with me youre great.
but when we arnt together you totaly act like youre ignoring me.
there used to be goodnights and sweetdreams but now its just ‘bye’.
you used to tell me that you wanna be with me right now, i havnt herd that in awhile.
i wanna hang out with you before i leave for a week but idk..
how could you not want to see or hang out with your girlfriend if shes gonna be gone a week.?
you used to call me babe, baby, sweetie, hun, and all the cute names but now its just ‘hey whats up’
all i want to know is the truth.
do you realy wanna be with me?
or are you just using me to do stuff with?
its driving me crazy, you have no idea.


~ by afdsmkad on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “”

  1. cm kuciwa je..

  2. ahax..
    saje jew..
    kuciwa sket2..
    kuciwa ngan assment yg manyak..:)

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