cIk aNn tAggEd mE!!

List out the top 5 presents you wish for:
1) n93i
2) viao in pink kaler
3) make up set from SASA (2month stock)
4) ipod
5) camera digital(sony T300)

List out the reason for your choice:
1) likez bentuk n function dier
2) luv kat kaler n function
3) save ma money
4) i like 2 listn da music
5) da bosan gne yg skung

The person who tagged u is:

mY mAKcIk (cIk aNn)

5 impression of him/her:
1) smart (smarties)
2) lurid (sumtimez)
3) hardworking
5) uncreative person(ahax)

Most loved invention:
all thingz dat design bY mE..wexxxx

What do you despise the most:

I tag:




~ by afdsmkad on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “cIk aNn tAggEd mE!!”

  1. aku tak paham la konsep tag tag nie… hehe

  2. thanks la sbb puji i…

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