hUh….lUv mE cOmE bAcK???



hIm aGaIn!!!!wAT hApPeNeD???

i aCcEpT hIm 2 sTaY iN mY hEaRt aGaIn…


hE wAnT lAsZ cHaNcE fRoM mE…

wAT cAn i dO????

bUt hOnEsTlY…i sTiLl lUv hIm…


aFtEr 5 mOnTh wE bReAk…

y hE cOmE bAcK???


iT gIvE mE a bIg pRoBlEm!!!

yEs…hE dIdn’T nOe dAt i aLrEaDy hAvE a sPeCiAl…

nOw mA hEaRt fEeL aLlz wRoNg..

hUh…i’M iN dElLeMa..

bOtH oF tHem vErY sPecIaL 4 mE..

bUt nOw i gIvE mOrE aTtEnTiOn 2 hAfIz….

i’M sOwWy cAyUnK…hUhU…

jUz nOw i gOt nEw aSsIgNmEnT…”hOlIdAy pAcKaGe”..

wATz wRoNg wIf dA lEc aT pUnCaK???

lIkE gIvE aSsIgNmNt tO tHeIr sTuDeNt!!!


nExT tYmE i’lL bE cOnTiNuE mA jOuRnAl!!!


lUv mAkE mE hApPy…

lUv mAkE mE sAd….

oUr mEmOrIeS!! 


~ by afdsmkad on January 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “hUh….lUv mE cOmE bAcK???”

  1. terpegun ak ngan ayat “but honestly, i still love him”….

  2. ayat2 ko mmg tak leh blah kejiwangannya -.-”

    tapi kekasih gelap tetap kekasih gelap hahaha

  3. what would you say if i asked you not to go
    to forget everyone, forget everything and start over with me
    would you take my hand and never let me go
    promise me you’ll never let me go

    and the stars aren’t out tonight,
    but neither are we to look up at them
    why does hello feel like goodbye?
    these memories can’t replace,
    these wishes i wished and these dreams i chased
    take this broken heart and make it right

    i feel like i lost everything when you’re gone
    left remembering what it’s like to have you here with me
    i thought you should know,
    you’re not making this easy

    i never thought i’d be the one to say
    please don’t, please don’t leave me

    uhuks uhuks!~

  4. ko bercinta ek? argghhh geliii

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