dA 1sT eNtRy fOr 2008..

dIz iS mA 1St eNtRy fOr dIz bLoG n dIz yEaR…
sTaRtInG 2008 sO…..dUmBsHiT!!!
i hAtE wHen nEw sEmEsTeR cOmE..
tIrEd wIf rEgIsTrAtIoN sUbJeCt + dA tRaNsIt hOmE + sHeDuLe tUnGgAnG lAnGgaNg..
cAn u iMaGiNe hOw 13 pErSon iN a sMaLl hOmE?????
lIkE a “sArDiNe cAn”..hhaHaaHa…
wIf dA mAnY luGgAgEz + bOxEz + bLa2..
aLsO lIkE a sToReZ..
aT dAt tYmE dA RoOmz iN dAt hOuZe aLrEaDy fUlL..
sO..i jUsT sLePt oN dA mAtTrEeSSz nOt aT dA bEd..
bUt i’M nOt aLoNe..
yUyU + nIkEn + cT + mIzA aLsO lIkE mE..
wE sHaReD 3 oF mAtTrEsSz…
sUmTymEz i fElT lIkE i’M a eScApEe..hOho..
eRm…wAt cAn i dId oN dAt tYmE…
jUz fOlLoW dA rUlEz..
suMtHiN’ dAt i’m vErY hOt wHeN dA lInGuStIc sTuDeNt + pRoFeSsIoNaL aCcOunTs sTuDeNt cAmE mEnYeMaK aT pUnCak pErDanA..
cOz oF tHem wE hAd pRoBlEmz 2 gOt dA cOlEgE…
i hAte tHeM vErY mUcH…
bUt…nOw i’vE aLrEaDy gOt a hOusEZ n i’M sTiLl sTaY wIf mA oLd hOuSeMaTez..
fInIsHeD bOuT dA cOlLeGe!!!!!..
nOw i cAn sToRy bOuT mY sUbjEcT oN dIz sEmEsTeRz…
i nEeD 2 fInIsHeD 17 cReDiT hOuR iNcLuDe mA mInOr sUbJeCt..
i tAkE sUbJeCt cAtOlOgUiNg<aBsTrAct + iNdEx>, pUbLiC rElAtIoN, rEsEaRcH mEtHoD iN lIbrRAY n iNfOrMaTiOn sCiEnCe, dATAbAsE, iNfOrMaTiOn sYsTeM mAnAgEmEnT n jApAnEsE..
hOpE i cAn cOvEr aLl dA sUbJeCt vErY wElL..
3 pOiTeRz????i nEeD 2 gEt iT..
4 nOw i aLrEaDy hAvE 5aSsIgNmEnT…1 oF iT iS dA pRoJeCt aT mRsM tErEnDaK..
sO tIrEd wHeN i tHiNk bOuT iT..

nExT eNtRy i’lL sToRy bOuT sUmThIn’ dAT i lOST….gRrRR


~ by afdsmkad on January 24, 2008.

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